Oxford Covid Vaccine: Failed While Testing On Monkeys

A high-profile oxford vaccine to fight the Corona Virus, being tested by researchers at Oxford University failed to prevent virus spread in monkeys. However, the test appeared to protect the animals from pneumonia.

ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, being tested is a enfeeble form a common cold virus (adenovirus) that influences chimpanzees but has been sterilised to prevent replication in humans.



Potential Oxford vaccine fails to prevent virus spread in monkeys
Source – The Hindu


Reports of the vaccine’s performance in monkeys have encouraged researchers to test the vaccine’s power in humans. Its word has also led an Indian vaccine manufacturer, Pune-based Serum Institute announcing to manufacture four to five million doses by end-May in India.


However, informed results of the trials in monkeys are available on preprint server bioRxiv points out that, the vaccine may not be the idea to protect people from being infected and passing carrying on the infection. The research paper is yet to be reviewed by peers.

Rajesh Gokhle, a faculty member of National Institute of Immunology, who has read the paper, stated that: In the “ideal” world, no company would not continue testing the vaccine in humans based on the available data in monkeys.

This vaccine is among the eight that are ahead in terms of being tested in humans for efficacy.

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