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OnePlus 8T: Comes With 4,500mAh Battery; Here Is All You Need To Know!!

OnePlus 8T: Comes With 4,500mAh Battery;

OnePlus 8T: Comes With 4,500mAh Battery;

Before the launch of the OnePlus 8T, the company is teasing a few specifications of the smartphone on social media. Recently, the company teased the battery capacity of the smartphone. The OnePlus device will come with a 4,500mAh battery confirmed by OnePlus on 26 September 2020. It may arrive in India by October 14.

On its recent post on OnePlus Forums, the company revealed that OnePlus would have a 4500mAh battery that will fully charged in 39 minutes. Moreover, almost 58% in just 15 minutes. The battery supports a Wrap Charger 65. It provides an upgraded version when compared to OnePlus 8’s battery that has a 4300mAh Battery. It supports Wrap Charger 30T. The OnePlus 8T smartphone is scheduled to be launched in India on October 14. The new smartphone is foreseen to stand expensive than the OnePlus 8 because it includes a series of upgrades to justify the worth increase.

OnePlus 8T: Comes With 4,500mAh Battery

OnePlus recently posted that the OnePlus 8T will come with dual-cell batteries. Which means that there will be two cells at a capacity of 2,250mAh each. Along with the battery, the company revealed the Warp Charge 65 Power Adapter. It will support fast charging on the OnePlus 8T. It will come with a dual-end USB Type-C port, which will support up to 45W PD fast charge. Wrap Charger will also come with backward compatibility and support previous charging protocols.

OnePlus highlighted in the post that to provide safety along with faster charging on the OnePlus 8T, it will use an additional encryption chip to the charger and cable as well as 12 temperature sensors.

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