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One Arrested, Two In Custody In Connection With Elephant Death

Source: Mumbai Mirror

The Forest Department of Kerala arrested two individuals in connection with the death of a pregnant Elephant. The Elephant was dead in the water stream in Mannarkkad Forest Range. On Thursday evening, the authorities took these two individuals into custody.

The Elephant died as a result of the cruel and inhuman act of a man. A man offered a pineapple to the elephant which was filled with crackers. The pineapple exploded when the elephant chews over the pineapple. Further, the blast severely injured the elephant with her jaw broken. Forest Officers said that they have taken the suspects into custody and are questioning them.

Source: Mumbai Mirror

T. Uma is on her way to Mannarkkad from Chennai to investigate the case. T. Uma is the regional head of the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau. The elephant died at Ambalappara in the Velliyar stream near Thiruvizhamkunnu forest station. She died on May 27, after she sustained injuries in her jaws a few days earlier. Further, the elephant was injured as a result of the inhuman act by an individual.

The elephant was pregnant and was expecting a child, the postmortem report said. The report also revealed that her jaw was broken. A lot of people raised their voices when they came to know about the brutal incident of animal killing. A huge section of the media sensationalized the issue of Elephant death. Muslims are the majority in the Malappuram district. Various political leaders and media described the people of this district as the killers. And Muslims are at the receiving end of criticism raised by people all over India.

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