Nubia Cristina Braga Cause Of Death, Brazilian influencer Nubia Cristina Braga was shot dead at her residence

The Brazilian influencer Nubia Christiania was found dead by the police at her residence on October 14. According to the reports, she was shot dead by two unknown assailants. 

What happened to Nubia Cristina Braga?

It was reported that Nubia was returning home from the salon when suddenly, two men broke into her house and shot her several times before fleeing on a bike. When police arrived, they found Nubia lying dead in a pool of blood. The incident occurred in Santa Maria, Aracaju, Brazil.

According to some sources, the influencer was killed only three hours after her final post.

The police are yet to investigate the identity of the two assailants and the motive behind this murder.

Nubia’s aunt Claudia Menezes says that everyone is shocked regarding the death of Nubia and Nubia’s mother is now on medication. However, when asked about the possibility of death threats, her aunt said her niece never mentioned anything about receiving death threats. 

Fans are shocked after the gruesome murder of the influencer, and many have conveyed their condolences. 

Who is Nubia Cristina Braga?

Nubia Christina is a 23-year-old influencer from Brazil with over 60,000 followers on instagram who creates fashion content and travel blogs. She has. Her clothing store is called Boss closet.

Her last post was On October 14. She posted a story of her from her hair salon appointment. 

How did Nubia die? 

Nubia was shot dead by two unknown assailants on October 14. She passed away at the age of 23. The police are yet to identify the two assailants. 

Cause of Nubia Cristina Braga’s death 

Nubia passed away due to a gunshot wound and bled to death. Two unknown assailants shot her on the night of October 14 

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