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Nicki Minaj Give Hint About Baby’ s Sex.

source:- Glamour.com

Nicki Minaj received a congratulation package from Burberry. And the items she received indicates the sex of the baby. Is the rapper is having a boy or a girl.

Nicki Minaj is going to dress her child superbly well. The Rapper received a package from Burberry, she posted on Instagram, making a video of all the stuff she received for the baby.

source:- Global.ca

She wrote on the Instagram video that she posted,”@riccardotisci17 love you so much. Thank you,”

She said thank you to the Burberry Chief Creative Officer Riccardo Tisci, 45. She moves the camera around the sofa showing up all the content she received for a baby from the Italian born design.

The package came after a week aur day when Nicki Minaj announced her pregnancy with her husband, Kenneth Petty.

Unisex Dresses In The package

Among the items, there was the jumpsuit which can be wear on the winter months. Other Jumpesuit was icon cotton sleeveless jumpsuit both of these items sold in retail in hundred and eighty dollars.

The exciting thing is that the icon jumpsuit is more feminine and style for girls instead of boy/ unisex version. Also the other jumpsuit is more a feminine way of Style but the Nikki got the boy/ Unisex version of it.

Source:- The Guardian

It is also possible that he didn’t tell the the greatest stylist about the gender of the baby whether it is a boy or girl and the Burberry send the Unisex collection to play safe

In that wholesome package for the baby, she also received smiling teddy and Soft Merino wool for the delicate skin of baby and a Trim Merino Wool blanket so that she can warm and cuddle up with the baby.

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