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New Quarantine Music By Jaden

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Jaden Smith coming back with his new album. Jaden Smith give us a new music this week and announcing his album very soon.

It looks like the Quarantine is not getting over anyways soon, so Jaden Smith blessed us with his new single cabin Fever, he possibly recorded this song in the last four months.

Jaden has announced a new mixtape, The cool cafe:the cool tape vol.3, it is the 3rd of his series. The first of this series came in 2012 and the other one in 2014, before his two breakout albums ERYS and SYRE.


He states that ‘if you’re a fan of me you can see the little gap we’ve missed. He told apple music that he wants to release a mixtape rather than a new album.

He says that this is his vision of Quarantine love. He added that this song is to be listen when the sun is setting down and you are feeling good.

He also says that he is trying to make the kids happy and try something new with the music. Continue saying that he is Happy how it turned out and I want people to like it just the way the like his mixtape volume 2.

New Balance Vision

Recently Jaden posted a picture with his new sneaker which is vegan free. The new ambassador of the new balance vision created the footwear to create awareness about the broader global issues and to have impact on generation.

In addition all these new balance sneakers incorporate partially recycled materials. Jaden is trying to create all the environmental issues and try to to aware people about the the problems we are facing.

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