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Nepal Police Fires On Indian Civilians Near Border

Indo Nepal Border
source-The Indian Express

Fueling the already strained relations between the two countries, open fire on Indian civilians by Nepali forces has been reported.

Indo Nepal Border
source-The Indian Express

The Incident

The incident took place in Sitamarhi district of Bihar, near the Indo-Nepal border. According to a local witness, the Nepali forces fired 17 rounds killing one civilian, injuring other three. One Indian has also been detained by the Nepali forces. The men were in their farms working as usual when the forces started firing when they doubted the men were trying to cross the border. The locals complained no such efforts were made by the men and the force started firing very abruptly.

Accusations of a crowd of hundreds of Indian civilians trying to attack the security personnel of Nepal Border Police have also been made. The farmers when asked to return to their part of the border, they returned with a mod, a statement by a Nepali officer said.

Government’s Response

After the SSB stationed in the area confirmed the firing, Nepali forces were asked for a justification. According to them, the civilians were forcefully trying to cross the border even after 10 shits were fired in the air to disperse them. When the civilians did not adhere, they were left with no choice but to fire at them.

The government accorded a statement that the Indian civilian detained will be brought back. Deliberations for the same have already begun, the officials said.

Tensions between Nepal and India

A border dispute has unleashed diplomatic tensions between India and Nepal since a few weeks. When India integrated the crucial Lipulekh Pass, Nepal claimed it was a violation of previously agreed-to terms. Nepali administration also claims the territory. The efforts to reach a solution were made by setting up a committee in 1998 but to no avail. Efforts by Nepal to amend and design a new map including Lipulekh, Kalapani and Limpiyadhura, have begun. The Nepali parliament will soon vote on the decision.


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