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Nepal Parliament Votes On Amending The Map

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Nepal has finally voted to pass an amendment to redesign its map and include controversial regions as Nepali territory.

The Amendment

The Constitutional Amendment Bill amending section 3 of the constitution of Nepal was passed by the House of Representatives of the Nepali parliament. The endorsed plan witnessed no vote against it. The unanimity clearly speaks volumes about how the territory issue has sparked a will to bring change. The National Assembly and the President are yet to authenticate this amendment.

One lawmaker proposed changes to the bill as there are no pieces of evidence to prove the regions included are inside Nepal boundaries. Even after threats of internal actions against the lawmaker, Sarita Giri did not withdraw the proposed amendment. The Speaker scrapped the proposal, as it ‘contradicts the spirit of the bill’.

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Regions Included

On 20th May 2020, the Cabinet of Nepal proposed an administrative map of the country. The map sought to include Lipulekh, Limpiyadhura and Kalapani as Nepali territory. These regions have been under the control of Indian administration. Although Nepal also claims these territories since decades, a recent inauguration if Lipulekh Pass by India unleashed outrage in Nepal. The area is of extreme significance to both countries.

Nepal's National Emblem

India’s Stance

Nepal’s uncanny initiatives recently have India up in arms by spirit. While a recent incident of Nepali Police firing on Indian civilians has made the situation at the border tense, India vowed to tread very carefully.

India declared the new map of Nepal to stand as ‘not tenable’.  India has been responding to the administration by saying the country has records of the regions as India’s territory dating back to 1830s. Dialogue and discussions in the heat of breach of understanding seem to be the only haven, say diplomats.

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