My Liberation Notes Season 1 Episodes 7 & 8 Released Date, Time, Watch Online, Coming Out

My Liberation Notes Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date and Time My Liberation Notes Season 1 Episode 7 will be released soon Most the fans have been curiously waiting to know My Liberation Notes Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date, Time, cast other details We have updated all the information about My Liberation Notes Season 1 Episode 7 on this page

Thanks to excellent character writing and an authentic, grounded approach, My release notes is solidifying itself as one of the best k-dramas airing right now, and this week’s doubleheader laid all kinds of the groundwork for My release notes season 1, episodes 7 and 8 to continue building something very meaningful and compelling. Courtesy of my latest recaps, here’s where I am, more or less, on the show so far:

Episode 5: Of course, these wacky ideas aren’t real solutions – they aren’t solutions at all, honestly, but symptoms of the problems that need to be fixed. Just as money doesn’t grow on trees – although casinos and gambling dens can give the illusion of a miraculous, quick-fix – happiness is not something that comes fully formed, but something that needs to be nurtured. and cultivated. It requires difficult personal decisions and sacrifices to be made. It needs introspection and a sense of the larger world. I think we have to find some sort of purpose.

Episode 6: Chang-hee, meanwhile, continues to focus primarily on money, lamenting that neither he nor his friends have much of it, and desperately trying to curry favor with his boss. His entrepreneurial idea to recycle bottles at Mr. Gu’s home backfires, forcing him to present his parents with the necessary investment of 300 million won, which his father refuses to assume. You can feel the jealousy and resentment building up in Chang-hee, but also see his determined efforts to be a good person, like allowing a man to skip the line at the bank, even if he’d rather not. Do not do it.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? We’ve all thought our parents were worse than someone else’s; we’ve all wanted to tell someone who’s bored where to go. This is, in part, the realization Chang-hee has upon seeing this man’s floundering bank balance. Although we would like to think that our experiences are totally unique and that we are the most important people in the world, they are not and we are not.

My Liberation Notes season 1, release date of episodes 7 and 8

My release notes Season 1, Episode 7 is set to release on April 30, 2022, around 3 p.m. GMT, exclusively on Netflix. My release notes Episode 8 will air the following day. There should be 16 episodes, airing twice a week.

My release notes season 1, episodes 1 and 2 aired April 9 and 10.

My release notes for season 1, episodes 3 and 4 air on April 16 and 17.

My release notes season 1, episodes 5 & 6 aired April 23 & 24

My release notes season 1, episodes 7 and 8 will air on April 30 and May 1

My release notes season 1, episodes 9 and 10 will air on May 7 and 8

My release notes season 1, episodes 11 and 12 will air on May 14 and 15

My release notes season 1, episodes 13 & 14 will air on May 21 & 22

My release notes season 1, episodes 15 & 16 will air on May 28 & 29

Where to watch My Liberation Notes online

As mentioned above, My release notes are available exclusively on Netflix in the West, accessible with a subscription. In Korea, the show is a JTBC original that airs on Saturdays and Sundays.

What are My Liberation Notes about?

Netflix’s latest k-drama is a sliced ​​story about three siblings trying to escape a frustrating and isolated life.

My Liberation Notes tells the story of three siblings (Lee Min-ki, Kim Ji-won, and Lee El) and a secret stranger (Son Seok-Koo) who want to escape their hopeless lives.

Is there a trailer for My Liberation Notes?

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