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This is a smarter-than-it-sounds sci-fi romcom that Gen-Z kids are likely to enjoy. It sends a seemingly mismatched boy-girl couple into space – poor, hapless but good-hearted Walt (Cole Sprouse from Riverdale) and super-competent but neurotic swot Sophie (Lana Condor from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before) – to follow their respective romantic partners who have already flown ahead to a much-coveted Mars colony.

While the overall project is a heterosexual space romp, there are a few sprightly touches along the way: thoughtful world-building (Earth, as in Wall-E, has turned into one huge toxic garbage dump); snarky jabs at billionaire space entrepreneurs (Zach Braff co-stars as a capricious Elon Muskian tech overlord); and a cute lesbian couple with commitment issues (Cameron Esposito and Sunita Deshpande).

Moonshot Movie Review

Moonshot Movie Review & Story

The abundance of good one-liners, owing to playwright Max Taxe’s funny script, solid direction by Christopher Winterbauer, and a cast with nimble comic timing, is very welcome. Sprouse, who gets the most screen time and most of the greatest lines, plays a particularly appealing non-threatening kid lead: himbo-hot but not too much, placing his performance right in the middle between funny and vulnerable.

Walt has been trying for years to join the space program but has failed more than 30 times. When he falls in love with Ginny (Emily Rudd) the night before she leaves for Mars, he plans to stow away on the next flight and compel new acquaintance Sophie to help keep up the pretense that he’s her lover Calvin (Mason Gooding), who is already there.

Moonshot Movie Release Date

This will be released on the 25th of April 2022 on the OTT platform.

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Official Trailer Of Moonshot Movie

Star Cast Of Moonshot Movie

  • Cole Sprouse as Walt
  • Zach Braff as Leon Kovi
  • Peter Woodward as Gary (voice)
  • Henson Milam as Marie
  • Lukas Gage as Dalton
  • Sarah Stipe as Girl #1
  • Kabby Borders as Girl #2
  • Lana Condor as Sophie
  • Mason Gooding as Calvin
  • Drez Ryan as Brandon
  • Christine Adams as Jan
  • Chelsea Alana Rivera as Drunk Girl (as Chelsea Rivera)
  • Emily Rudd as Ginny

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