Molly Russell Death, How did she die? Obituary, Cause of Death, Inquiry, Died at the age of 14

Molly Russell Death, Obituary

Prince makes an intervention because he talks about his family’s bravery, a coroner who wanted to prince also attend a 14-year-old death cause and wanted to girl death proceeded inquiry.

Prince of Wales said on Friday 30 September 2022, “Social media firms must no longer treat online safety as an afterthought, after a landmark inquest into the death of Molly Russell”.

How did she die? Cause of Death

Molly Russell was a 14 years old girl. In November 2017, she took her own life and her father, Ian, on suicide and self-harm on platforms including Instagram and Pinterest and put her life in sucking content.

Andrew Walker said, ” Molly died from an act of self-harm while suffering from depression and the negative effects of online content”, Andrew also said he ended her family’s 5 years of waiting for the answer instead of suicide.

What say Prince about children?

Prince interferes for greater safety for children online and he makes a public intervention.

Prince also wrote on his Twitter account, “No parent should ever have to endure what Ian Russell and his family have been through. They have been so incredibly brave”.

“Online safety for our children and young people needs to be a prerequisite, not an afterthought.”

Previously, in 2018, Prince spoke about and against the world’s biggest social media firms that they were failing to protect children and accusing them of not wanting “to own this issue”.

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