Mingla Teacher Killed in an Accident, Police of Minglanilla arrested the suspect driver

Mingla Teacher Killed in an Accident, Explanation, Whole Incident

Mingla teacher accident happened on 4 October day before Teachers’ day, At noon time a teacher who taught in the Minglanilla Center School died after met a vehicle accident. Actually, in the place, Barangay Tunghaan, Minglanilla town, Cebu, Philippines a vehicle came in her direction fastly and hit her. All the bad tragedy which happened on that day is on the following page.

When Minglanilla Central School teacher Charisma Servedo was on the road near Barangay Tunghaan on the bike, she met a motorbike accident around 5 o clock in the evening on 4 October. She was badly injured, people faster take her to the nearby hospital but bad luck, She died due to lots of Injuries.

She was not alone that day, She was with her husband Sherwin who was driving the motorbike when another motorbike hit them. In that Accident, Minglanilla Central School which is the largest public elementary school’s teacher lost her life and her husband is also badly injured but his husband’s treatment is continued in the Hospital.

Charisma was with her husband on the motorbike that time a motorcycle was following them and hit their bike. Her husband turn their bike when the teacher fall on the road and was badly hit on the pavement.

Reportedly, the other biker hit them and run away. till now the police team searches for the killers who hit them.

Police of Minglanilla arrested the suspect driver

Now, police achieved their goal, According to the police the suspect who hit the teacher’s bike on 4 October is now found. Police caught him on Wednesday, 5 October around 12 o clock in night. And the suspect was identified as Luigi Go Lazarte who is the other biker. Police arrested the killer near the neighboring town of San Fernando, Cabatbatan. The murderer is a construction worker.

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