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Memory Movie Release Date:- It will be released on 29th April 2022. In this article, we bring all information like the official trailer and star cast of the movie and more that you want to know.

Liam Neeson’s final film in his late career as an action hero, “Memory”, is not a remake of a Danish film. It is, however, yet another remake of a European genre film, this time “The Alzheimer Case”, a Belgian crime thriller directed by Erik Van Looy and based on Jef Geeraerts’ book “De Zaak Alzheimer”. More than that, it’s a film that, for better or worse, fits into the majority of Liam Neeson’s post-“Taken” filmography.

Memory Movie Release Date

“It will be released on April 29, 2022, according to Open Road Films.

Plot Of Memory

In “Memory”, Liam Neeson plays Alex Lewis, a professional hitman who gets into trouble when he refuses to carry out an assignment that goes against his personal moral code. Alex has no choice but to execute the crooks who hired him, despite the fact that an FBI agent is on his trail. To make matters worse, Alex’s memory fades, prompting him to question his own sense of right and wrong.

The basic premise of “Memory” is similar to that of “The Alzheimer’s Case”, a film in which the main character is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in its early stages. This is consistent with the majority of Liam Neeson’s recent action movies, which have worked their star’s growing age into the plot rather than dancing around it uncomfortably, as some of the recent star vehicles have done. by Tom Cruise. (See also the humorous scene in “The Mummy” in which Russell Crowe refers to Cruise as a “young man.”) When Neeson isn’t shooting opponents or scolding creepy one-liners, it gives him something special. dramatic enough to sink his teeth into. in, similar to “Memory”.

Memory Movie Trailer

Distribution Of Memory

To their credit, Campbell and his team selected a cast of reliable character performers to star alongside Liam Neeson in “Memory.” Guy Pearce plays Vincent Serra, an FBI agent who finds himself embroiled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with Liam Neeson’s Alex Lewis and the infamous mobsters he refused to do business with within the film. Monica Bellucci (“Mozart in the Jungle”), Harold Torres (“Run Coyote Run”), Taj Atwal (“Truth Seekers”) and Ray Fearon (who previously starred in “The Foreigner” and “The Protégé”) are among the other cast members.

I also have to give credit to Liam Neeson, who continues to bring his A-game to every action movie he appears in, no matter how repetitive or formulaic. Even though he could easily sleepwalk through most of these movies, as Bruce Willis did for years, he’s still a consistent purveyor of terrific performances. This should be the case with “Memory” if all else fails.

Official Trailer Of Memory

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