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Medical Care Hospitals To Be Decongested

In an effort to push for efficient medical services, Medical care Hospitals are about to be congested.


The Department of Health via a notification said that Medical Care Hospitals that are treating Covid patients need to be decongested. This decision came after reports of hospitals biting more than they can chew when it comes to facilities, came out.

Corona Virus

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The Shift

A number of Medical Care Hospitals were converted into covid- approved healthcare centres. With the extent our medical sector was unprepared for the pandemic, patients of all sorts were given equal attention. Now, since the healthcare workers seem prudent about how much observation a critical patient needs, an understanding of not keeping every covid positive patient into wards of one category has developed.

This made hospitals compromise on the medical care of really critical patients, the experts believe. Under the new process, all categories under category A patients are to be shifted from MCH to Covid first-line treatment centres (CFTCs).

Patients in CFTCs when suffering a low oxygen level, will immediately be shifted to the tertiary unit.

Hospitals To Gear Up For The Worst

India’s record of active cases of COVID is about to rise. In such a situation, it would be catastrophic if critically ill patients are denied treatment due to a shortage of facilities and space. Senior doctors believe evolving through whatever we have is the only way forward. It is believed that the expertise that tertiary care needs is well invested into a few units and the rest to be handled by medical practitioners in the respective CFTCs.

A Medical Care Hospital in Kozhikode has already taken a step forward and has only 12 patients in the tertiary unit that need observation around the clock. As the pandemic progresses, hospitals look forward to increasing their capacity but provide efficient services.


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