Marquis Kennedy: North Taxes Recruit Police Officer Marquis Kennedy's Cause Of Death

Marquis Kennedy: North Taxes Recruit Police Officer Marquis Kennedy’s Cause Of Death

Death cannot be predicted before and cannot be stopped. No one can stop from death and live for thousands of years. Everyone will die one day and enter heaven or hell based on their deeds. But this death or losing the closest person takes our hearts and gives us depression. The cause of death can be due to diseases, heart attacks, age etc. 

The heartbreaking news recently heard is about the death of North Texas Recruit Police officer Marquis Kennedy. His death was very sudden and unexpected and made every officer and people shocked by this incident. Let us see about the cause of the death of Marquis Kennedy here.

Who is Marquis Kennedy? 

Marquis Kennedy is a well-known basketball player from Loyola University Chicago Athletics. He is a powerful and enthusiastic player who has won a lot of games. In his basketball career, he appeared in 24 games, started as a beginner in 19 games, and did his best. He had also joined the Arlington police recruit some days back and is taking training and exercises for the same.

Cause of Marquis Kennedy’s death: 

After his basketball play and sportsmanship, Marquis Kennedy joined the Arlington North Tax recruit office, where he was training and working. Unfortunately, on 25 September 2022, God took his life suddenly, and he passed away. 

According to the news sources about his death, they say that Marquis Kennedy had lost his life during the time of training itself and also, and when he was feeling ill or sick during the training, he called his trainer with the signs. 

He was taken to the nearby hospital. Even though the treatments were given, he lost his life. It is such heartbreaking news. One powerful sportsman had lost his life during training without any prior symptoms. He had collapsed during his training and lost his life. It’s so shocking that even such situations will lead to death. 

I hope his soul rests in peace! Strong prayers to his family and friends! 

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