Maris Digiovanni Obituary: How did She die? Las Vegas stabbing victim, Maris Jordan, criminal arrested

Maris Digiovanni Death: How did She die?

A Spokane-based lady died on Thursday, she was among the two in a random Las Vegas stabbing spree. Till now six people in the hospital who get injuries that day. Las Vegas Review-Journal knowing the death information by the Clark County coroner’s office, Said, Victim, 30, Maris DiGiovanni died cause of the Wounds.

Las Vegas stabbing victim, Maris Jordan, died at 30

About DiGiovanni, She graduated from Clark High School in 2010 and then attended Washington State University, After her graduation, she married Cole Jordan 2010 whom she dated some time ago. She died at age 30. 

Her family throwing the comment… “Maris loved the beauty of life, and lived it to the fullest without limitations, She was an authentic and caring friend, a devoted wife, a kick-ass sister, and a loving daughter.”

According to the police, She was one of eight people who get injuries in the Thursday tragedy.

Maris Digiovanni murder criminal arrested

The suspect comes out with the identity of the man whose age is 32 years old, Yoni Barrios. He is the main criminal in the Thursday incident. He was arrested by the police the same day after he killed the people. He has six charges of murder in the Clark County Detention. He said at the arrested time. He stabbed the people when they were trying to take some photographs with the showgirls.

Review-Journal said Maris was among the four ladies who were at the performance. According to one newspaper, wrote, a criminal dressed in a chef’s jacket and holding a big knife in his hand. They wrote he was selling the knives.

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