Maharashtra CM Not In Favour Of Lifting Lockdown

The hotspot cities like Mumbai and Pune, which are severely hit by the Coronavirus Pandemic, will continue to stay shut. On Friday, CM Uddhav Thackrey announced that cities like Mumbai and Pune would continue to remain under lockdown. However, some relaxations will be given after the lockdown 4.0 ends on this Sunday. Also, the upcoming next 15 days are crucial in the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic, he added. Everyone should tale care of social distancing for the next 15 days.

The Maharashtra Government is going to draft and implement the new set of rules and regulations. However, the Maharastra Government is waiting for the Central Government to clarify its position after lockdown 4.0. The stand of Central Government will become apparent after May 31. Further, the Maharashtra Government is planning to grant some relaxations after lockdown 4.0 ends.

Uddhav Thackrey
Source: Mumbai Live

CM Uddhav Thackrey made sufficient efforts for controlling the Pandemic from slipping out of the hands, Maharashtra Times said. The Government is also focusing on providing them all the necessary facilities to people from the sections severely hit by the lockdown. However, the questions are raised on the other hand. Mumbai is the commercial capital of India, and how long can we keep Mumbai under strict lockdown?

The Concerns

Maharashtra Times also said that even during the Pandemic, the whole of India is returning to its new Normal. The rate of infections due to Coronavirus is high in Delhi. Still, Delhi has opted for opening the metro, public transport, parka, and even the shopping complexes. Bengaluru is also moving towards opening the rest of the places. However, the scenario with Mumbai is just opposite to its name, which is ‘City that Never Sleeps.’

Source: The Indian Express

Though there is a risk that there is going to be a sharp rise in infection with the opening of the City, the  Government should be ready to make a tough decision because there is a famous saying that Sooner is better than later. However, the Coronavirus Pandemic is at its peak today, and its peak time is going to come. And it is very much crucial for the Government to make the appropriate decisions in the upcoming days.


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