Mae Amburgey: Whose viral photo made it upto national headlines, passes away at the age of 97.

Mae Amburgey, who became viral after her photo of her being stuck inside a Kentucky home during the flood, passed away at 97.

Who is Mae Amburgey?

In July, Missy Amburgey took a picture of her grandmother Mae Amburgey stuck in her home during the flood and posted it online out of desperation. The photo shows Mae sitting on her bed surrounded by her water.

The photo became quite viral and even made it to the National headlines. Luckily the family made it out with minor injuries though their house was destroyed. After the flood, she started living in her son’s home. 

There is not much information regarding her luge; however, it is unknown that her kids and grandkids survived her. On October 8, 2022, Mae passed away at 97, 3 months after the flood incident. 

Her granddaughter states that she died because of her break after losing her house to a flood. 

How did Mae Amburgey die?

Mae Amburgey passed away on October 8 in Alabama. According to her son, she died in her sleep in her son’s home. The real cause is unknown; however, sources state that she was heartbroken after losing her home to the flood. The news of her death was announced by her son, Jay.

Cause of Mae Amburgey’s death 

The exact reason behind Mae Amburgey’s death is unknown, but according to her on, she passed away in her sleep. According to her granddaughter, she died of a broken heart after losing her home to the floods. The memorial service for Mae will be held on Saturday.

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