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Madurai Girl Chosen UNADAP Goodwill Ambassador

M Nethra
Source: India Times

The UNADAP (United Nations Association for Development And Peace) has appointed M Nethra as a ‘Goodwill Ambassador to the Poor’. M Nethra is the daughter of a saloon owner in Madurai. She is 13 years old. Further, she encouraged her father to donate the 5 Lakh rupees to the needy children during the lockdown and coronavirus pandemic. Also, her father secured this sum of money for her education which they donated.

M Nethra
Source: India Times

Sellur Raju, State Minister, appreciated the efforts made by the girl. Further, he urged the CM Edappadi K Palaniswami for bestowing the Jayalalitha Award to the girl. The Minister also said that Prime Minister praised the girl last week. This is a proud moment for Madurai, he added. Further, he is pleased that he is going to meet the UN leaders.

The program will be organized to promote the economy of poor people. Further, he said that I have suggested the Chief Minister give her the Jayalalitha award. Prime Minister Narendra during his monthly radio program praised C. Moham. Also, he praised the daughter of C. Mohan as well, during Mann ki Bat. He also appreciated the donation made by C. Mohan to the poor, needy people during the lockdown and Coronavirus Pandemic.

Modi said that C. Mohan runs a saloon in Madurai. He saved a sum of Rupees 5 Lakh with his sheer hard work for the education of her daughter. But, he did not think twice in spending the entire amount for the poor and needy children during the nationwide lockdown and the Coronavirus Pandemic.


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