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Madonna- Why Is She A Pride To The LGBTQ Community?


August 9, 2012, Madonna in St. Petersburg voiced her support for the local gay community. At the entrance, the audience were given pink wrist bands and were asked to wear to show “tolerance for the gay community.” Madonna boasted about not paying a $ 1 million fine slapped on her for supporting Russia’s LGBT community.

On Monday, she posted on Instagram and Twitter a video, showing part of her speech, “The govt fined me $ 1 million. for supporting the gay community.” She added, ” I never paid.” In the video, Madonna exclaimed that people are afraid of those who are different. She called this a “terrifying time” as there is intolerance around. She said, ” we can change this. We have the power… I am here to say that the gay community and gay people here and all around the world have the same rights to be treated with dignity, with respect, with tolerance, with love.”

A lawsuit was filed against Madonna. In November St. Petersburg  Moskovsky district court throughout the lawsuit. A spokesperson even claimed that there was no fine ever imposed. Several months later they claimed that Madonna has violated Russia’s Tax and Migration Legislation as she performed the show on the wrong type of Visa.


He never backed this claim with evidence. Madonna 61, posted a topless picture on Instagram on July 7. Her fans went gaga over the picture. She took the picture in her bathroom mirror with only a hat and a pair of briefs. She covered her chest with her hands and captioned the picture ” everyone has a crutch. Piers Morgan, 55 the host of Good Morning Britain slammed Madonna for her picture.

He branded her “desperate”. Piers wrote good grief… has any celebrity had a more tone-deaf and increasingly desperate coronavirus lockdown than Madonna ?” Many fans sided with Piers while others called this post empowering and beautiful.

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