Lebanon’s Beirut Explosion : Donald Trumph Claims It To Be Bomb Attack And Not An Accident

Lebanon’s Captial Beirut witnessed a deadly explosion on 4th August. Scientists claim that the impact was 1/5th of what happened when an atom bomb was dropped in Hiroshima, Japan.

What Has Donald Trump To Say Regarding The explosion

US President, Donald Trump made an unsubstantiated claim that the massive explosion in Beirut was a bomb attack during a press at the White House.

Sources say when asked as to why the president feels it to be a planned attack- he said that he had met with generals who thought it was ‘a bomb of some kind’. Soon after, CNN quoted Pentagon officials as saying there was no evidence of any attack, raising the question of where Trump got his information.

The Beirut government says the explosion was caused by a warehouse full of ammonium nitrate igniting. The initial cause of the fire is still unknown. ‘It looks like a terrible attack’ he said

The World Is Ready To Aid The Country In It’s Crisis

Trump promised to stand by Lebanon as their ally. They have good relations with the country. The country is under a lot of turmoil already. It took away many innocent lives already. Hospitals are overcrowded with the cries of all those who suffered from the explosion.

Lebanon’s Prime Minister has announced 5th August to be ‘The day of mourning’. Aids have already been gushing from all over the world. The UK, US and many nations have already been ready to make their contribution.

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