Landric Reid Death: How did He die? Anson County's Sheriff, Landric Reid Cause Of Death, Wikipedia

Landric Reid Death: How did He die? Anson County’s Sheriff, Landric Reid Cause Of Death, Wikipedia

The North Carolina Sheriff’s Association recently shared the heartbreaking news of the passing away of Anson County Sheriff Landric Reid. This tragedy happened on Wednesday, 21 September 2022. NCSA President Charles Blackwood shared this morning and called it “unexpected” while confirming the news. 

Who was Anson County’s Sheriff, Landric Reid?

The Sheriff was born and brought up in Cabarrus County. He got his education from the Cabarrus County school system, where he was highly involved in sports. Post this, he joined the United States army in 1984, which gave his life a new direction. He got honorably discharged from the army in 1988. After this, he joined the North Carolina National Guards. 

From 1988-1991, Sheriff worked as a Research Assistant in the Rhone Poulenc Agriculture Company. Having completed all this stuff, Landric Reid entered  NC Highway Patrol Academy in 1991, graduated, and served as a State Trooper until he retired in 2014. He served for eight continuous years as a Sheriff being unopposed.

Anson County’s Sheriff, Landric Reid’s relationship with Charles Blackwood:

Sheriff’s sudden death is very shocking and unexpected for all. People are still not able to take this news. His close friend  Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood, who is also the head of the Sheriff’s Association, shared on the official website that this was very “unexpected,” and he was completely overwhelmed by the sudden demise of Reid. He also wrote a small note on the internet to share his bond with Reid.

The note stated, “Sheriff Reid and I started our tenure as sheriffs at the same time, and we attended the Sheriffs’ Leadership Institute together; we have been close friends for the last ten years. In addition, our families have enjoyed time together at NCSA events and conferences.”

Cause of the Death of Anson County’s Sheriff, Landric Reid:

Although the Association officially confirmed the Sheriff’s death, it is not revealed what the actual cause of sudden death is.  

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