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KJ Apa- Riverdale’s Hotshot Sensation Split His Head Open While Performing A Stunt On Set


The Riverdale hot star Kj Apa recently met with a small accident on the sets of “songbird”. Kj took it to Instagram with a picture of him with some bloody injuries.

Source – Instagram

He is getting his stitches done, but it seems those stitches doesn’t stop him from being charming.

source- Instagram

Despite that injury, he is all set filming his new romantic thriller Songbird.

Apa posted gruesomely close shots of his head on Instagram. Woah!! The stunt was a realtime game.

Strong and Fierce Kj Apa

“I split my head open yesterday,” he said in several videos in which the medic displayed the bloody gash in his scalp. “I don’t know if you guys can see that, but I have two stitches in there. Metal stitches” stated Apa.

On Thursday the 23-year-old star posted a shirtless picture of him. He was getting stitches by a doctor. He captioned the photo- ‘Stunts’. No doubt girls drool over his charm and strength. Bravo man!!

Kj Apa

Kj Apa Dealing With His Injuries

Furthermore, last weekend, the Riverdale Star posted a video in which he revealed “a shard of metal got stuck” in his eyeball.

“It’s stuck on there, bro,” Apa said as he tried to remove the shard. “It’s stuck. I’m not trying to do that. I’m not trying to do this right now….I have to work tomorrow.” as he said.

Oh boy!! It would be best if you were careful these days. Luckily, he is all good now.

source- mailnews

Riverdale Season 5

Not to forget, sources gave us a piece of good news – Riverdale would be starting it’s production soon in the late august. Season 5 is on the go. Once again we’ll get to see “Archie” AKA Kj Apa with his fierce character making the fans go crazy about him.




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