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Kim Talks About Her Husband’s Mental Health

source:- people.com
source: people

Kim Ask To Show Compassion And Empathy For Her Husband.

Kim Kardashian West started to say in public about the mental health of Kanye West. And ask from the public to show more compassion and empathy to the husband. She also says that he is bipolar. Those who don’t know what bipolar is it is a mental health issue in which a person experiences frequent changes in mood and can also include some episodes of depression and anxieties

The reality TV star and model posted A lengthy message on Instagram saying that life has been little complicated for her family and West, who talked about abortion in his recent rally on Sunday and declared himself a Presidental candidate.

Condition who found the same in a TV reality show keeping up with Kardashians and Cosmetic business women that it is a time to talk about mental health and to remove all the stigma that stuck around it and talk about the misconception that is all around the world and help people who is going through mental health issues.

source:- people.com

Kanye Crying In An Anti-Abortion Rally

Last Sunday Kanye West had a rally related to anti-abortion law and telling how he almost killed her daughter. And after telling everyone about the family crisis and his possible divorce he cried in front of the public saying that it’s been a rough time.

After all, this is Kim Kardashian to couple Instagram and says that Kanye West is bipolar and he is going through a lot so everyone shows a little empathy towards him. She said he is a brilliant person but complicated.

Kim Kardashian also said that she never spoke about this in public because she thinks that she is very protective of her children and also Kanye’s the privacy of Kanye health. She said that she feels now it’s time to talk about mental health because of the stigma and misconception stuck to it.


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