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Kim Returns To LA Without Kanye west

Source:- Marie Clarie

Kim Kardashian 39 reach back to LA without her husband Kanye West. After her trip from Wyoming with her husband, she decided to to go back to LA solo.

On July 27, when keeping it up with Kardashians actress Richa to her husband, they both had a tense fight while going for a breakfast Run. Both were sitting in a car and seems like Kim was sobbing during their talk.

source:-zoom tv

While both of them looking on the phone, the situation between both of them look very tensed, and sources told that as soon as the couple reaches the ranch, Kim started crying.

The two of them met just after when Kanya West publicly apologize to Kim Kardashian for speaking about things which should be personal and are family matter and should not be expressed in public. He was also thankful for Kim for being always on his side and for supporting him.

Before Kanya apologizing on Twitter, the supermodel Kim posted on her Instagram by telling people to be more generous and compassionate towards a husband as he is bipolar.

source:- cosmopolitan

She also so says that I want to write more about mental health and try to break down the stigma, and the misconception people are having of Mental Health. And told that her husband is a lovely person but a little complicated

Reportedly Kanya didn’t return to LA with Kim because he’s been busy with his new album and trying to work on his music.

But before Kim Kardashian visiting Kanya, some celebrities visited him. One is his recording executive Damon Dash, and the other is Justin Bieber.

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