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Kim Kardashian’s Best Friend Slams Kanye West’s Tweet By Saying- ‘If You Don’t Have Uterus, Be Quiet.’

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Larsa Pippen is telling Kanye West to you not to speak about women’s reproductive rights. By saying that, if you can’t get pregnant, you have no right to disrespect any woman’s choice.

On July 31st Kanye West come up with more abortion tweets, and it seems like Larsa Pippen is now more taking anything related to women’s rights.

The ‘Flashing lights’ singer tweeted this on 31st July, “Over 22,500,000 black babies have been aborted over the past 50 years”. This tweet is referred to as his emotional breakdown while telling his wife to get an abortion.

During his rally, Kanya West spoke publicly about almost killing his first daughter North West, 7. And how emotionally weak he becomes while thinking of getting abortion of their first child.

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After the last tweet of Kanye West, best friend of Kim Kardashian seemed not ok with this and tweeted, saying, ‘if you don’t have a uterus, you shouldn’t have a say.’

The friend of Kardashian seems to be referring to Kanya’s last tweet about black babies and abortion.

Kenya tweeted another in the thread saying that he cried thinking of getting abortion of the first child, and everyone was very concerned about me… by continuing, he said that, and I was concerned about the world that things that you should not cry about this subject.

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The wrapper also seems to be attacking planned parenthood by tweeting that planned parenthood was planned inside the cities by white supremacists to do The Devil’s work. Although Kim Kardashian supports planned parenthood, Kanye West seems to be attacking the organization by his tweets.

Lara, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian were used to be best friends, but recently, the sisters unfollowed the designer on every social media platform, and after a few days, Lara also unfollowed them. After everything, the fans and followers Got out of curiosity and started asking what the hell is happening.

After that, Lara tweeted and said that she is more into her relationship and spending her time with her children and walking on his new designing company, and that’s real life.

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Kanye And Abortion 

Kanya Had posted about abortion before his self-declaring president candidate, campaign. He broke down in the public while speaking about how he wanted to get the first daughter aborted in 2012 when the first get to know that his wife is pregnant.

Source:- Thesun.co.uk

He also told everyone how his father Wanted her mother, Donda, to get an abortion while he was pregnant with him.


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