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Kim Kardashian Shares A Picture Of A Wedding But Kanye West Isn’t In Them

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Kim Kardashian shares a series of pictures of a wedding in 2014, and Kanye West isn’t in any of them.

The TV reality star and supermodel shares a series of snaps on her Instagram to Kanye west, and he wasn’t in them.

The couple’s marriage is on the rocks since the couple publicly rent about their marriage. Kanye says in public that he wants to divorce Kim.

After him Breaking Down in public Kim Kardashian took up her Instagram and told everyone to be more compassionate and generous towards her husband. We also say that she wants to break the stigma, and the misconceptions people are having of Mental Health as she told that her husband is bipolar.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and their kids

After the rappers Rant on Twitter, Kim Kardashian flew to him in Cody. She went there to try to sort the things out between the couple. Their marriage has been more than devastated in the last few weeks.

The snaps she recently shared was 2014 nuptials in Florence, Italy. She shared her wedding photo and some behind the scenes of the wedding.

The picture that came shared recently on Instagram seems to be a birthday post for Riccardo Tisci, who helped the actress in supermodel to design her dress.

source:-zoom tv

In just one photo, there was Kanye West with the designer and the supermodel. They both are going through a lot because of the distance and also Kanye being busy with his campaign and their marriage was almost over at the point. After coming from Cody, Kanye was picking up her calls neither replying to her messages.

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