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Kim Kardashian Seen In LA Seems Tense About The Relationship

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Kim Kardashian reached LA after the tense fight with her husband in Cody. She seemed anxious while leaving an appointment alone.

She leaves the Cedars-SinaiĀ  Hospital in Beverly Hills, she was all wearing black, which is not like her and wearing a black mask. The 39-year-old actress seen in all black, which is a low- essential dress according to her.

On Sunday, the rapper, singer, and hopefully president, spotted in Cody in his private boarding jet with his 4-year-old son, Saint.

Some sources told that the relationship is beyond repair right now and that trying to sort things out as soon as possible and possibly going for a vacation with their 4-year-old, Saint.

As Kanye was spending time in his ranch in Cody as he works on his music and his rally for his US Presidental candidate

Before her visit, Kanye tweeted about the possible split of the couple. In his campaign of anti-abortion, he talked about how they wanted their first order to aborted. He also tweeted that he wants to divorce his wife, Kim Kardashian.

Kim’s Last Visit To Cody For Meeting Her Husband

Last week visit of ‘keeping it with Kardashian’ actress and the rapper had an emotional exchange in the musician’s car left both of them broken.

Sources also told that whenever Kim use to call Kanye he never picks up the call or not even reply to her messages. The situation between the couple was on the thread and Kim was trying her best to keep sorted and not let the mental stability of her husband in any way ruined because it will eventually be going to hurt her and their children.

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Kim is very torn by all these situations between the couple and also, she is getting devasted by the fact that Kanye is not telling him even those things that he used to. In the seven years of there marriage, the couple never fought like these. As also the distance makes there marriage more complicated. Kim is trying her best to keep there relation healthy.


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