Kim Kardashian, Kanye West: Will Kim Attend Kanye’s Future Presidential Campaign? Is Divorce The End Of Their Romance?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage is on the rocks. They are going through an intense roller coaster ride.

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On her recent emotional reunion to Wyoming, she seemed to be silent about what’s exactly going to happen. What’s going on their mind?

Kim Flaunting Her New Makeup Line

Kim Kardashian returned to Los Angeles after her visit. Although she has got back to her work, promoting her new makeup line. The 39-year-old took it to the Instagram flaunting her glamorous look. She posted videos of pictures wearing her makeup KKW beauty taken at the back seat of the car.

The Suffering May Come To An End For Kim

The controversy is still the talk of the town. Kanye’s tweet mentioned his intentions to divorce Kim. Even though the tweet is not deleted, but don’t people tweet what’s really in their mind?. Also not to forget when Kim confessed it to the media that she tried her best to put up with the relationship, but her efforts seem to be in vain.

source- the daily mail

The paparazzi caught the two of them having a conversation regarding their relationship. Kim’s visit to Wyoming is a hint that this is the end of their love. She is opting for a divorce, but who knows will she sign the paper or not.

source-Bangor daily mail

Will Kim Kardashian Be A Part Of Kanye’s Presidential election?

The fans expected The Kardashians to be a part of Kanye’s Presidential election soon. Kanye launched his controversial presidential campaign this month. It’s for sure he wanted Kim and their kids to be a part of his motivation and future success. Sources say for the sake of their kids Kim shall stand by Kanye for his campaigns.


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