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Kim Kardashian Breaks down As She Meet Kanye West

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39-year-old actress-model cried after meeting husband after a long time as Kanye West 43 old rapper was busy for his campaign and rally American Presidency.

It is the first time the couple was meeting after a long time since The Rapper has decided to go for the presidency and was busy in his rally and campaign. It is the first time the couple were pictured together since his disastrous campaign.

The Rapper talked in his rally about anti-abortion and gave us a hint that the couple considered abortion when they were having their first child northwest. In this campaign, he almost breaks down after talking about the abortion of their child.

Rapper also tweeted about the affair he thinks that Kim is having with Meek Mill. Social media was all over with this thing that the couple is is getting split.

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Kim Kardashian posted about the rapper Kanye West saying that my husband is bipolar, so she asks everyone to be more compassionate and be generous towards him.

After realizing his mistakes, Kanye West tweeted that he wants to apologize to his wife Kim Kardashian for talking about a family matter and private things in public.

He did not just tweet about for the forgiveness from his wife; he also said that he is very thankful to Kim for being always to his side and supporting him.

Tension Reunion

After everything that happened between the couple since the unlikely Presidency campaign of the rapper, Kim Kardashian decided to fly to Cody to meet him and try to solve the conflicts that were going in between them.

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A source told People magazine that she is a very emotional person, and she was exhausted by the Kanye West, ignoring her when she tries to reach to have millions of times. He wasn’t even picking up her calls.

Kim says that he is a brilliant person but complicated. Meanwhile, Kannada waste is hoping for his presidential bid to become a reality.

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