Kerala Plies 70-Seat Boat To Help A Girl Take Exam

In God’s nation, a marooned student’s supplications were replied by an administration organization. This week, the Government agency sent a 70-seater boat on consecutive days.  To ship her from a waterlogged stretch of Alappuzha to Kanjiram in Kottayam district. Further, the goal of shipping her is that she wouldn’t miss her Class 11 tests.

Other than the crew members, Sandra Babu was the only passenger sitting in the 70 seater boat. On Friday and Saturday, the boat traveled through the scenic waterscape from Alappuzha to Kanjiram. The boat was docked at the jetty on both these days. The boat docked at the pier has waited for the 17-year-old girl writing the Class 11 Exams.

Efforts By SWTD

The parents of Sandra Babu are economically weak and are daily wage earners. Sandra Babu said that she was not sure whether she would be able to give the papers or not. She was unsure because she did not have any means to reach the school for writing examinations. As a result of this uncertainty, she contacted the state water transport department (SWTD).

Kerala Boat
Source: The Times of India

Sandra Babu told her plight to SWTD. In response, the SWTD promised her to send a boat for carrying her to the school. I am pleased and feeling prune of SWTD, she added. Authorities said that the cost of hiring a motorized ship is 4000 Rupees for a single day. However, with the efforts of SWTD, she was charged only 18 Rupees for each round trip.

Also, the water department has deployed the full crew of the boat for a single passenger. The squad includes the driver, a crank (navigator), a boat master, and two lascars (for assisting the master in mooring). The boat deployed for her will pick her from the jetty near her home at 11:30 AM. The boat will drop her in front of the SNDP Higher Secondary School at noon.

The director of the SWTD Shaji V Nair said that they never thought twice about making the necessary arrangements. The Minister of the State also extended their support in making the appropriate arrangements.

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