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Kenneth Petty Begs The Court To Allow Him To Be With His Pregnant Wife, Nicki Minaj.

Source:- The US.CO

Kenneth Petty Wants To Be there when Nicki Minaj gives birth to their first child, but certain problems could prevent this from happening.

The ‘Super Bass’ Rapper recently filed documents on July 29th, for he is pending criminal case. He bagged the judge to modify his pre-trial conditions.

The case is on him because of him recently registering as a sex offender in California. He applied for these documents to be with Nicki Minaj, to be with their first child. Not just as a business manager of her also to be there when she is giving birth to the child.

After the case filed on him, the wrapper moved to the West Coast States. And according to his previous documents, he is restricted and can’t move out from California and have curfew hours.

This creates a huge problem for the wrapper because what if Nicki Minaj got in labour after his curfew hours.

In his documents, he is asking the judge to change some of the conditions that have been put on him like the curfew hours so that he can be with Nicki Minaj when she is in labour and whenever she needs him

Now The Rapper is waiting for us attorney not to oppose his condition and accept it. It’s now just waiting for him to judge the sign-off.

Source:- E online

Nicki shocked The World By Her Baby Bump.

Earlier this month, Nikki announces pregnancy and shock the world with this news. Her pregnancy and the most stylish way by posting a photo on Instagram of a bare belly. And wearing a colourfully casual bikini.

On Thursday 30 July she also posted another photo of her while promoting A$AP Ferg new music video


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