Kathy Wrethman Cause of death? Young girl from Australia who went missing in 1968.

Kathy Wrethman Cause of death? Young girl from Australia who went missing in 1968.

This is the story of   Kathy Wrethman, Who was abducted by a man in 1968

What happened to Kathy Wrethman in 1968?

Kathy was a young girl from Australia who went missing for three days  after being kidnapped in 1968

According to Kathy, the kidnapper cut her hair, and all that Kathy could remember was that there would be someone who would come and tell her to sleep in a room, and under her bed, there was a dog. Since she was quite young, there was nothing else she could remember. 

Three young boys rescued Kathy:

But three days later, thanks to three teenagers who decided to wander off to the creek instead of going to school. They found the missing girl  20 miles from her house and safely brought her to her parents. If not for those three boys,  Kathy would have returned home to her parents.

No arrest has been made till now. With little evidence and Kathy not remembering her abductor’s face, police couldn’t suspect or arrest anyone. 

BBC news brought the missing girl and her rescuers together decades after the incident. The bittersweet reunion was telecasted on BBC channel and invited Mark Bun of the three teens who rescued her. During the reunion, Kathy was emotionally overwhelmed, burst into tears when she saw Mark and thanked him, and said he would always be her hero. Mark shows her the watch her parents gave him as a gift of gratitude.

Where is Kathy Wrethman now?

There is not much information on her current status; however, it is reported that she is in her 50s and married.

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