Kanye West- Kanye Was Seen Leaving Wyoming With Son Saint

Kanye West was spotted being picked up by his private jet with Son Saint,4,. They are rumored to leave for a vacation after Kim and Kanye’s controversial marriage has left it on the brink.


Kanye West and Saint West were seen at a landing strip in Cody, Wyoming. They boarded their Private jet from there.

Were The Kardashian Star Kim And Other Three Children A Part Of It?


It was rumored and uncertain that Kim,39, was on the jet already or not. The Jet took off from LA prior to picking Kanye West with his little one. So it seems they were already on board.

Kim was previously seen sharing an emotional moment with Kanye in Wyoming. After their marriage disagreements, she left for LA. As their marriage struggles continue to be a part of their lives. Kim and Kanye must have needed a private trip together to reconcile and rekindle their love.

How Is Kim Managing With the Controversy?

 As per the sources,  The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was focusing on keeping her kids safe. Amid Kanye’s string of controversial comments. “Kim is just taking everything in her life day by day now. Her priority is protecting her kids. This is hard on her,” the insider dished. “She reaches out to Kanye daily. He’s surrounding himself by friends and she’s surrounded by a small circle of friends and her family. She’d go to Wyoming if he asked her to. He was ignoring a lot of her calls and texts and told her to stay in LA.”

Kanye’s Much Needed Time Away From The Emotionally Charged Presidential Rally

Kanye has needed this vacation after the twitter controversy and the ongoing divorce decision. This is the reason he probably must have taken some time away from his emotionally charged presidential elections as well.


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