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Kanye West Apologize His Wife Kim Kardashian

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The US rapper and husband of Kim Kardashian, the famous model, and TV star apologizes to his wife and says that he is thankful that she is always on his side. The Rapper tweeted after the visit of the famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

Apologised For Speaking Personal Thing In Public

After the visit of Justin Bieber, Kanya West tweeted that he was sorry for talking about personal things in public and feel horrible about it. A few hours later after the visit of the fellow musician Bieber Kanye West tweeted about it.

Knowing that he had hurt her and talking about the personal thing in public can affect their relationship, he went on Twitter and not just ask for the forgiveness also says that he is thankful.

source:- cosmopolitan

What Actually happened between them

As we all know, Kanye West is now a candidate who can run for the recent election going to happen in the United States. During his rally about anti-abortion, I said that he was going to almost kill his daughter also after a few days, he said that he and Kim were going through a lot.

Marriage is very complicated, and there are chances that they are going to get a divorce.

In his anti-abortion rally, he almost cried on the stage after the breakdown of Kanye West Kim Kardashian took up her Instagram and save that her husband is bipolar and ask people to show empathy and generosity towards him.

source:- people.com

After Kim Kardashian Twitter about him for showing empathy towards him, Kanye West was with Justin Bieber in his ranch after a few hours. He Tweeted and said that I feel sorry for going public about the matters which should be kept private. He also said that he knows he had hurt her and ask for forgiveness.

Canadian singer Justin Bieber visited Kanye at his ranch on Wednesday. West posted a picture of Justin relaxing on his chair and in deep conversation about music and new spray wall prototype for YZY campus.

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