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Justin Bieber Gushes Over Hailey; Blessed To Have Her In Life.


The pair rolled in Chicago as their road trip continues. He took his wife to a romantic rooftop date night.

The couple is on a road trip this summer, and The ‘Baby’ singer is falling more and deeper in love with his wife, Hailey. Now, they have reached to Chicago, from going to the east of the mountains to the west to the lakes the couple has fallen in love more.

Before going out for a romantic date night, Justin shared a video of sitting next to Hailey with no music, and in which Hailey was sitting and Chicago’s night skyline was visible.

Source:- Insider.com

He posted this video on Instagram and captioned it,  “This is my view during date night. Wtf. I’m so blessed.” He shares this with his followers and tells how blissful he feels.

Chicago is the latest stop for the couple. They both loved the time they are spending with each other. He muted the voice of the video so that everyone can adore the view, and he shows how much he is in love with Chicago’s view and his wife.

On July 24th, they spent time with Kanya west in his ranch in Cody. The couple visited there old friend and discussed music and his Presidency rally.

Source:- dailymail.co.uk

On 29th July, as they continue there trip, they were joined by Chance the rapper. Bieber posted a picture in which the rapper and Justin were sitting on front and Hailey and sitting at the back and captioned it with big brother.

On July 30th, Justin shared a photo of him and Hailey together. In which Hailey is leaned on Justin and cuddling. He captioned it  “So relaxed on our roadtrip .. so grateful to be making these memories with the love of my life.”

After seeing them together, everyone just is like Awww, even we. They both are happy together, and both are blessed to have each other in their life.

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