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Johnny Depp Was A Misogynistic Abuser To Her Ex-Wife Claims lawyer.

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The British newspaper publisher, the sun who claimed in one of the articles that Johnny Depp is a wife beater. Johnny Depp is ready to sue the paper company.

Lawyer of the newspaper company the sun claims that the Aquaman actor is a misogynistic and hopeless addict. His anger jealousy possessiveness turns him into toxic and violent.

In 2018 the sun, the newspaper publishing company, not an article about Johnny Depp in which they said that he is a wife-beater after this Johnny Depp decided to sue the publishing company and the Editor Dan Wootton.

The actor absolutely denied the allegation the newspaper company has said.

The case is going to the London High Court. The argument is due on Tuesday, but the judge is not expected to deliver till the next week.

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What The Sun Said About Jhonny Depp

Wass set in her closing argument that there is is no doubt that Johnny Depp regularly and systematically abused his wife. She continues saying the actor was very manipulative and used to lose control and ability to restrain anger.

She says that because of his anger and using the self-control ability allegation that the publisher wrote in the article that he is a wife beater is entirely truthful.

source:- the Jakarta post

Depp, 57, and Heard, 34 met in the set of a film and got married in 2015, and the following year had filed a divorce, and in 2017 the divorce Court finalizes.

The editor also said that Johnny Depp himself is a well- documented evidence of violence and addict in his adult life, which has occurred in his adult life when he is under the influence of drugs and drinks.

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