John Wick Chapter 4 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Official Trailer & More

John Wick Chapter 4 Release Date:- The makers of John Wick Chapter 4 have announced the release date for the upcoming chapter 4 of John Wick and it will be released on 24th March 2023.

Due to the pandemic, it was very unexpected that John Wick: Chapter 4 and John Wick: Chapter 5 would start the movie simultaneously, as all of Hollywood shut down and studios had to fight tooth and nail to get their productions scheduled. At the movie theater. exact time. Now, the only reason Lionsgate left the only Chapter 4 movie just before moving forward with such another movie, is that it just spins with the feeling of confusion.

The final interview with Wick director Chad Stahelski, John Wick: Chapter 4 will be the continuation of the previous three adaptations and provides a sense of finality based on the entire franchise.

John Wick Chapter 4

The filmmaker reveals to Collider, “I think chapter 4 is a good continuation of the previous three movies, and there’s a little conclusion, which is great,” and the director also added, “We’re introducing a ton of new characters that have a lot to say about John Wick from his past and obviously present. I think it’s brotherhood, it’s hope. It’s what life would really be like as a crisis kinda essential with John, and I think that’s the fun part of the movie.

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Stahelski once served as a stunt double for Wick star Keanu Reeves and was poised to put stunts and fights first in the franchise. Because of this, he and Keanu have been working with new stunt teams around the world for the near future.

Stahelski said: “Keanu has new skills, which is good. It has new accessories, which are great.

He also added, “We were lucky to recruit some very interesting stunt teams from all over the world. And each stunt team in the different countries, the Japanese stunt team, the French stunt team, the Bulgarian stunt team, all of them just have different experts and different martial arts who were forced to adopt the choreography to show different things. It’s funny.”

John Wick: Chapter: Release Date

Current reports indicate that John Wick: Chapter 4 is set to hit theaters on the 24th March 2023.

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