Texas Executes John Henry Ramirez Cause Of Death & What Happened To John Henry Ramirez

John Henry Ramirez passed away at the prison system Huntsville unit. The death row inmate whose execution was put on hold due to an ongoing case over his request to have a pastor with him on the day of his execution was finally executed on Wednesday evening.

Who is John Henry Ramirez?

John Henry was the criminal who murdered and robbed Pablo Castro, a convenience store employee, in 2004.

Last year Ramirez was set to be executed on September 8th. Upon learning his death sentence, Ramirez wished that Dr Dana Morre of Corpus Christi’s second Baptist Church be physically present with him at the time of his death. But the request was denied by the Texas court. Then Ramirez appealed to the Supreme Court, and the verdict was in his favor. The verdict was that the death row inmates could have a spiritual advisor lay hands and pray during the execution.

On the day of execution, Ramirez was injected with a lethal drug and passed away while the pastor was beside him. 

John Henry Ramirez Cause of death:

Ramirez was sentenced to kill and rob a convenience store employee in 2004. On Wednesday night, he was executed by injecting a lethal drug and passed away at the prisons system Huntsville unit. He was pronounced dead at 6:41 PM.

The death inmate vs the Texas court:

Last year Ramirez requested that a pastor be physically present with him during his execution. But the request was denied by the Texas court, and Ramirez had to appeal to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court granted his request and allowed him to have a pastor lay his hands on him and pray during his execution. Dr Moore supported the verdict saying that it’s important for a human as it has ‘significance and power.

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