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Joey King, Brad Pitt – Joey To Starcast Against Brad Pitt For The Movie ‘Bullet Train’


Joey King will star opposite to Brad Pitt in David Leich’s “Bullet Train.” ‘Bullet Train’ is an action thriller by Sony Pictures.

After Jacob Elordi, Our Kissing Booth star seems to get over high school drama. She plans to take a big step and get all assassin. Director David Leitch will direct and supervise the script written by Zac Olkewicz.

She posted about it on Instagram with an epic picture with an epic headline.

About The Movie: Bullet Train

The film is based on a Japanese novel, named “Maria Beetle.” This novel is written by the famous Kotaro Isaka. Kotaro Isaka is the writer of best selling novels. Ryosuke Saegusa and Yuma Terada shall be representing Isaka. They belong to the CTB Inc. and shall be the executive producers. The ‘Bullet Train ‘ novel will be published next year. This announcement is made by Harvil Secker, to publish it in English.

Leitch, Kelly McCormick and Antoine Fuqua shall produce the movie, through company87 North. Kay Samick is the executive producer and Brittany Morrissey, executive are seeing over the project for Sony Pictures. One-Punch Man is also being developed, as Sony makes an official announcement. They are hoping for it to have franchise potential. It shall be based on a Japanese Manga.

Although the details of the movie are still ambiguous. According to sources, Joey King and Brad Pitt will play as the two out of five assassins. So, thereby anticipation hovers that there are five leading protagonists

Joey’s Career Has Been Climbing Stairs

Joey King had been nominated for the Emmy Awards. Her role as Gypsy in Hulu’s limited series The Act was recognized via nomination. She has struck a deal with the streaming services. It is said she’s the youngest to do so. Probably we can expect a series on Hulu after her deal.

Joey King is at the peak of her career. A number of projects are written at her name. She shall feature in the TV series A Spark of Light produced by Sony Pictures. It is based on the best selling book by Jodi Piccoult. She shall also be a producer and star in The In-Between. The In-Between is written by Marc Klein for the Paramount Pictures.

Kissing Booth 3- Coming Soon

Joey took it to Instagram to make an official announcement regarding Kissing Booth 3. Hurayyy!! Fans are going crazy about it.

On the other hand, Brad Pitt, one of the most versatile actor in Hollywood. He is an Oscar winner and an amazing actor.
The film is processing gradually. It is looking at a fall start in Los Angeles. We all are hoping to see the other side of Joey. And going gaga over the other details!!!!!

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