Job Alert! Workers Required At Pine Bluff Wastewater Utility!

Supervisor: Pine Bluff Wastewater Utility

Occupation Title

Backing and Fix Workers, General

Anticipated arrangement of duties and Commitments:

Careful arranging, allocating, directing, helping and evaluating the foundation and fixes of the sewer system ensuring that the Stream and TV trucks are in full movement. Assurance the introduction of routine preventive upkeep of the sewer system. Perform various commitments as consigned. Ought to gain and keep a Class I Wastewater Grant inside the base time required by ADEQ.

Ought to get and keep a generous Arkansas Class B Business Driver’s License with huge hauler support inside 90 days of work. Email or fax a resume. May similarly apply up close and personal to complete an application.

Occupation Zone: Pine Fake, AR 71603

Guidance Requirements: Auxiliary School Testament or Same

Required Work Experience : 4 years

The Best Technique To APPLY

Email resume to [email protected]

Fax resume to (870) 535-6243

Apply eye to eye at Pine Pretend Wastewater Utility, 1520 South Ohio St., Pine Fake, Arkansas 71601

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