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Jaden Talks About Vibe Generator And New Trippy Collection

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Jaden Smith is on fire. This summer he released a new single cabin Fever and his new collaboration with New balance, vision sneakers and he keeps coming back with new things and with his unisex clothing label MSFTSRep.

His ‘Trippy summer’ collection shows up, which is inspired by the 1960s look. Smith and his friend have the watch to old school and got inspired by Woodstock and Merry Prankster and some rock and roll and roll icons.

Jaden has said that and his friend drawn towards the idea of Re-establishing the era of love and peace want to change the consciousness of the world in these times.

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One of the things that Smith wants to stabilize from this was to bring up the black beautiful something up he is trying his best to bring up the concept of canon black. He is trying to build up the art, the idea, the style, in his own way.

Jaden On His New Collection

He said that African American children are always disproportionately affected by the visual stereotypes by many communities. Like why their nails are in this colour??

By this lookbook, they try to change this is the stereotype of the people and told everyone that they can whatever they want to be in this world.

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Said that he really likes the on which it is written by the narrator because we are the generations with creating the Vibe around us and set the tone. It is a kind of music with play all is or anything we do we create the vibes.

“We set the vibes of our area. We all bounce off of each other’s collective vibrations,” Says Jaden Smith.

Please try to create everything sustainably and trying to improve the supply chain as due to COVID-19, it’s been affected. And soon, he will release the thrift collection.

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