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Jaden Smith Released A New Track And Announced The Upcoming Mixtape.

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Jaden Smith Returned With New Music

Its look like the Quarantine is not getting over very soon so Jaden Smith took initiative to tell the lifestyle of Quarantine and release the music on on the very lifestyle on each one of us there is a Quarantine music called Fever. The track was written by Jaden and produced by BURNS. He said in the press that cabin Fever is his version of the Quarantine love song Jaden. He also said that this is a song you listen to when you are lying under the sun and feeling good. The also announces that soon going to release a mixtape called The cool cafe: the cool tape vol.3, the addition of the series started in 2012. He also releases to album called SYRE and EYRS.

Smith has released the first volume of the ongoing series in 2012, and after that, another round was launched in 2014. Cabin Fever is his major release and the third installment of his series, The cool cafe: cool tape series. It will be his first full length after ERYS in 2019. He also said that this is just a mixtape the and he wants to make the best thing that he ever made and still working on it.

Jaden and New balance have announced a partnership. Those who don’t know about new Balance is an authentic footwear apparel company. “Runs in the family” the campaign started by the company in which many celebrities are a part including Jaden Smith. Recently he posted wearing new balance and saying “the new era of ((vision)) is among us”. This version reserve might be available soon on the official website of new balance.

Also, the last Will Smith told the media that Jaden is suffering from nutritional imbalance. Not because of the veganism they have adopted, but because of the lifestyle they have taken, it caused Jaden Smith. He is suffering from lactose intolerance and coeliac disease.

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