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Jaden Smith: Disclosing His Sexuality And Being A ‘Vibe generator’. His Latest Collection And More

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Jaden Smith has finally come out of the closet by revealing his true sexuality. He confessed his love for Tyler the 29-year-old rapper after he won the Grammy in January 2020. Not to forget Jada Smith had already given a hint regarding his love for Tyler back in 2019. However, his confessions weren’t taken very seriously by the public.  Jaden was still very secretive about it for years. Also considering his past dating history with many girls, confusing one must say.

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Jaden gushes over Tyler for winning the Grammy by posting a series of tweets congratulating his ‘boyfriend’. Tyler, on the other hand, confirmed it by confessing his love for Jaden. His fans seem to be happy about Jaden’s acceptance of him being GAY. Sorry girls, no more laying off your eyes on him.

The happy ending to the story is The Smiths accepting his son. They are pleased about the fact of his son’s new love life and are delighted to be a part to support him no matter what.  Jaden Smith – welcome to the LGBTQ, we are proud of you.

Jaden Smith – ‘A Vibe Generator.’

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Apart from a happy relationship, Jaden recently launched his new single “Cabin Fever”. Adding to his hits and progress is his first sneaker collection with The New Balance – the Vision Racer. Not to forget his unisexual clothing label MSFTSRep lookbook is mindblowing. What an ecofriendly idea of vegan-friendly sneakers

Among the Tie-dyed hoodies, tees, sporty co-ords, there is a graphic tee embellished with the term ‘Vibe Generator’. Smith is trying to expand the vision of black aesthetics. The feeling of vibing and thriving passes the message that we can be anything we want in this world.

Jaden’s Viewpoint And Actual Motive Behind The Collection- MSFTSRep Trippy Collection

“I really love that shirt in particular because we as people are vibe generators. We create the vibes around us and we can really set the tone — whether it’s what type of music we play, or what we decide to do,” states Smith. “We set the vibes of our area; we all bounce off of each other’s collective vibrations.”

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Smith seems to be working over people’s mindset and the discrimination of African-American society. Thumbs up! Jaden.

“That would be the best thing — if we didn’t have to actually produce any clothes at all and we can use clothes that already exist,” says Smith. Incredibly honest mind, Jaden MSFTSRep’s trippy collection is a great way to expand the canon of black art and style on his own ways.

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