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Jada Smith Denounced YouTuber Shane Dawson for ‘Sexualising’ her 11-Year Old Daughter Willow


Recently Jada Smith slammed Shane Dawson for a resurfaced video of  YouTuber Shane Dawson pretending to masturbate to a poster of Willow Smith, then 11-year-old. It is totally an immoral act.

“To Shane Dawson … I’m done with the excuses,” Jada Pinkett Smith, tweeted. Jaden Smith, Willow’s brother, also addressed the video on Twitter. “SHANE DAWSON I AM DISGUSTED BY YOU. YOU SEXUALIZING AN 11-YEAR-OLD GIRL WHO HAPPENS TO BE MY SISTER!!!!!! IS THE FURTHEST THING FROM FUNNY AND NOT OKAY IN THE SLIGHTEST BIT,” he tweeted.

Source- The Tech Education

Why Are The Smiths ‘Disgusted’ With  Dawson?

 When Willow was just 11 years old, Shane posted a video on his YouTube channel. He pretended to pleasure himself while looking at a poster of the budding music star. This outraged the fans as Willow was just a small girl; it was an awful act on a 22 million subscribers’ platform.

Source- Fox News

Apology On The Shameful Act

Further in the video, Dawson also claimed that the jokes were a result of past abuse as a child. “I took that pain, and I turned it into jokes,” Dawson said. He said he would never make such a joke on a child. He seems to be regretting on his act as well.

Amidst the Smith family being in a controversial state already, this video adds on to their highlighted affair. They have vehemently opposed the inappropriate act.

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