Is Mandar Chandwadkar dead? Myth or Truth??

News is spread like fire on social media about Mandar Chandwadkar’s death. He is known as “Gokuldham’s Secretary (Atmaram_Bhide)” in the famous Indian tv show “Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma”. Fans are wondering to hear this news and they are confused that it is fake news or real?

Is Mandar Chandwadkar dead?

Past few days the famous tv show “Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma” is in the headlines. After a few days ago Actor Shailesh Lodha left the show for some reason. Now the show is again in controversy about the news Mr. Bhide aka “Mandar Chandwadkar” is dead.  No, this news is a myth. Mandar ChandwadKar is alive and healthy. Some fake sources spread the news that tv actor “Mandar Chandwadkar” is dead but it is a complete myth.

Mandar’s reaction to the myth of his death:-

Hearing after the myth of his death Mandar clarified by coming live on social media to his fans and family that he is very much alive and healthy. He said the fake news is spread like fire. He said that is fine and continue shooting for “Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma”. When he was interacting with his fans and friends LIVE on social media he said “Namaste, How are you all?” I hope the work is good. I am also at work. But there’s news that someone has forwarded, so I thought to come LIVE before people get worried. On social media, rumors spread faster than fire. I just wanted to confirm that I am shooting and enjoying myself.”

Mandar Chandwadkar

Fans are wondering to hear about Mandar’s Death:-

This news is very shocking for Mandar’s fans. Fans were getting upset with this news but when Mandar was interacting with his fans they felt happy to see him. They show their love for Mandar and pray for him that he lives a long life.

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