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Is Kim and Kanye got separated?

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After Kanye West breakdown during the public rally for his presidential campaign.

Kim Kardashian talked about his bipolar husband and told everyone to be more compassionate and generous towards him and set the ad she wants to remove the stigma, and the misconception people are having towards mental health.

From the last few weeks, the wrapper is spending his time in his Ranch in Cody. And his kids and wife are spending the time in Los Angeles far away from him.

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And all of this seems fine with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Kanya was ignoring Kim. He was not not replying to texts and not even attending her calls from the last few weeks.

After everything that the couple has faced Kim decided to visit at his ranch. After publicly admitting that came was cheating him with another rapper.

The Rapper has almost said that they were going to be divorced because kim has cheated on him.

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After the recent visit to Kim Kardashian to the ranch did not go smoothly, and they have been arguing most of the time.

After lots of fights and arguing over social media and also apologizing on social media got very stressful for the couple.

So the supermodel decided to go and meet her husband and try to sort the things out.

What Sources Said About The Couple

The meeting was super intense and very emotional as the couple fight a lot and tried to make the things work out. She also try to check on his mental health.

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The fight was very intense, and Kim told Kanye to stay at the wrench only until his mental health is stabilized. Kim and Kanye have four kids and had to raise them, but right now, kanye’s health is not in the state of anything.

But Kim has flown back to LA without Kanye and trying to make things stabilize, but the ideas are not in the way she wanted to.

The unstable marriage and the Geographic distance between the couple can possibly lead to the split and the end of there married life.

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