Is American actor Tyrese Gibson Dead or Alive? What Happened To Tyrese Gibson? 

Is American actor Tyrese Gibson Dead or Alive? What Happened To Tyrese Gibson? 

Is American actor Tyrese Gibson Dead or Alive?

There have been rumors all over the internet that famous Hollywood actor Tyrese Gibson who starred in movies block-buster movies like the Fast and Furious series, has passed away due to cancer after battling the disease in a hospital after this news started to spread like wildfire all over the social media platforms. The people began reacting to this news. However, it turns out that the news of Tyrese’s death is just a rumor.

What Happened To Tyrese Gibson? 

Tyrese is fine and is not suffering from cancer. However, the rumor of the actor’s death was all over social media and started spreading due to an internet hoax. It all started with a youtube video, which claimed that the famous actor was battling cancer and was in the hospital. 

This video first got viral on youtube, and then this spread all across other social media platforms. It turns out that this youtube named celeb incident was posting videos of fake news about Tyrese Gibson and other celebrities. This channel first got active in the year 2021.

The truth about Tyrese’s hospital pictures:

The pictures in which the famous actor is seen in the hospital are from 5 years ago, and these pictures are used to show that the actor had cancer. However, all of this is just an internet hoax.

Why we should  be careful about fake news:

In today’s world, we are consuming a lot of our daily news from the internet and social media platforms. Hence, it is essential to know that everything new over the internet is not real and is filled with a lot of fake news. 

Therefore, it is essential to verify the credibility of the source and to follow verified and trusted sources for news consumption because fake news is becoming a huge menace for social media platforms as well as users, and it is now more than necessary for users to keep a check over the news sources they are consuming.

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