International Labour Organizations Urges PM Not To Dilute Labour Laws

ILO urges PM Modi
Source: The Hindu

The Director-General of the International Labor Organization (ILO) has urged PM Modi not to dilute the labor laws of India. The Director-General has communicated concerns to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Further, Director-General encouraged Modi to “send a reasonable message” to the Central and State governments. And to maintain International Labour laws after the ongoing weakening of laws by individual States.

Worker’s Organizations Wrote To The ILO

A group of 10 Central worker’s organizations wrote to the ILO in Geneva on May 14. These labor organizations were seeking the intervention of ILO to ensure laborers’ privileges and universal work norms. They sent the portrayal to the ILO after Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and some different States either suspended an enormous number of work laws for two-three years or weakened them trying to charm industry amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The response of ILO

Subsequently, the chief of the Freedom Of Association Branch of the ILO’s International Labour Standards Department responded on May 22. Karen Curtis assured the labor organizations that the ILO Director-General has immediately intervened.  Further, the ILO appealed PM Narendra Modi to encourage engagement in the productive social dialogue.

PM Narendra Modi
Source: The Hindu

When everybody is anticipating an early end to the wellbeing and monetary emergency brought about by the worldwide pandemic, the governments are sacrificing the interests of the laborers. The recovery of business and financial movement, which came to a standstill during the Lockdown, must be accomplished. Nonetheless, it is irreverent and unreasonable for individual States to address this need by conceding clearing exceptions from legitimate arrangements planned for ensuring workers and employees in enterprises, factories, and different foundations.

This reminder from the ILO has come in the backdrop of the dilution of Labor Laws introduced by a few State Governments and the Centre to promote economic and industrial activities. The commercial and industrial businesses in India have come to a standstill is a result of Lockdown. The dilution of labor laws might affect labor welfare.  And in the interest of laborers, the ILO has urged PM Narendra Modi to reconsider the dilution of labor laws. The Director-General has also urged PM Modi to uphold India’s commitments to international labor law.


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