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India To Lead UN Initiative On Misinformation


As observed by experts around the world, the pandemic has unleashed a new set of legal problems. One of which is misinformation and the citizens being led by rumours. Such rumour incites panic and moves people to take disastrous initiatives. To curb the same, India along with 12 other nations, will lead an initiative called ‘verified’.

The Initiative

The United Nations Communications Response started an initiative called #VERIFIED. According to the UN, it aims to combat misinformation through ‘digital-first responders’. This cadre shares a responsibility to verify information around COVID-19. A collaboration with Purpose, a social mobile organisation, it focuses on combating hate spread through rumours, and false statements given by medical experts and diplomats. The stirring unrest among people needs to be satisfied, said the UN officials. Also, the UN through this initiative will use its platform to help celebrate people who post hopeful content. A little hope needs to see the light of the day in every corner of the world, belives the United Natio.

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The Problem According to the UN

A group of 13 nations including India co-authored a regional statement entailing aspects of the current situation, an ‘infodemic’. The Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres in his statement, said that misinformation is also witnessing an outbreak. Several nations have failed to contain the pandemic of hate-spewing content and misinformation. And this called for a unanimous action. Over 130 nations have agreed to view the situation as an infodemic.

The 13 nations include India, Australia, Chile, France, Georgia, Indonesia, Latvia, Lebanon, Mauritius, Mexico, Norway, Senegal and South Africa. Manipulated information will be verified in the direction of three important goals. These goals include strengthening solidarity, to save lives and promote local co-operation.

Antonio Guterres


India is a part of the initiative. The country has faced a considerable number of unfortunate incidents incited by misinformation. And hence, fact-based content has surpassed the wait to resurface and lead people into moving forward. India’s Permanent Mission to the UN asserted full support to combat hate-spewing content, something it has born the brunt of in the past few months.

Avoiding to let a pandemic decide the future of human rights in the dark, it is always important to curb community conflict when red flags begin to surface.

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